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with an experienced team of fibre optic cable installers, baycom offer the full service, from the installation of fibre optic cable, professionally terminating the cable ends and full testing on completion.


After installation our team of fibre optic cable installers will carry out an extensive testing procedure using specialised equipment like OTDR tester and power meters with a full report supplied to the client on completion.


Fibre Optic Cable is mainly installed as internet backbones to replace the dated and limited copper cables. As demands for faster data and wider bandwidth the strains on copper wire is too great and too expensive.


The internet backbone transmits data in the Gbits per second.


Connecting fibre optic cable together is a very complex task and requires expereince fibre optic splicers to effectively splice the two ends together. This process is completed either by a splicing machine or by using a heat technique.


The internet backbone consists of fibre optics to allow for the huge demand of the world wide web, where data is transferred in the Gbits per second


When used in offices in Local area networks, the fibre optic cable can be advantageous too as it saves space, is not effected by electromagnetic interference and is much mre difficult to hack.


Sensing Fibre Installations


Baycom Optics Fibre Optic Cable Installers have been working side by side with the M.O.D developing heat and vibration sensing fibre and is at the forefront of cutting edge technology.