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fibre optic cable is the ideal medium for telecommunication and networking, because of its security and ability to send large amounts of data of long distances


Connecting fibre optic cable together is a very complex task and requires experience fibre optic splicers to effectively splice the two ends together. This process is completed either by a splicing machine or by using a heat technique.


The internet backbone consists of fibre optics to allow for the huge demand of the world wide web, where data is transferred in the Gbits per second


When used in offices in Local area networks, the fibre optic cabling can be advantageous too as it saves space, is not effected by electromagnetic interference and is much more difficult to hack.


Fibre Optic Cable Usage


When Fibre Optic Cable is installed outside they can be open to various conditions that ultimately can effect the cable if they are not protected to correctly. The fibre optic cable needs the correct protection for the environment that it is in.


Knowing the correct cable to use is paramount to ensure of saving you a lot of time and money. When you are not certain of which fibre optic cable to use this is where Baycom Optics can help.


Below is a list of the various conditions where a fibre optic cable can be subjected to.


Damp Conditions

When water gets through a cable the coating can deteriorate, which in time can make the fibres break if there is movement in the cable. This can become more likely if the cables become subjected to freezing conditions whilst being wet.


Increase or Decrease in Temperature

If a fibre optic cable is constantly warmed and cooled it could cause expansion and contraction of the fibres. A solution to this would be to install a loose tube or cables without any metal content.


Physical Cable Pressure

Fibre optic cable that are installed beneath the ground can be crushed from the added weight. Baycom would install armoured cables to protect the fibres.


Sun Protection

Fibre Optic Cable is made from plastic, rays from the sun can directly effect an unprotected cable over time. In this situation Baycom Optics would install fibre optic cable without a PVC sheath and in some circumstances we would use a carbon filled sheath.